VIDEO | Dreamville ft EARTHGANG, J. Cole, Smino & Saba – Sacrifices

Dreamville ft EARTHGANG, J. Cole, Smino & Saba – Sacrifices

Picking a music video out Dreamville’s expansive ROT3 project is no easy task. Thirty minutes ago, to the letter, the esteemed record label shed its corporate image once more to debut the “Sacrifices” music video featuring EarthGang, J. Cole, Smino and Saba – all making appearances in the flesh, as per their agreement. The glorious ROT3 sessions are the gift that keeps giving.

As always EarthGang’s Johhny Venus dials up his fashion sense to an unforeseen level of opulence. The robes and headwraps aren’t getting any less opulent with time. Doctur Dot enters the cavernous location with his panache tucked underneath some plain clothes, whereas Smino presses forward, looking the part of a flashy jewel thief. Superficial preoccupations aside, “Sacrifices” feels an obvious choice, given the stature of the artists involved. It also figures as the song J. Cole announced his 2nd pregnancy (with his lover) to the world. Where does “Sacrifices” rank among J Cole’s recent videography? Comment below.


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