VIDEO PREMIERE | Tory Lanez – Freaky

Tory Lanez – Freaky

Tory Lanez’s disposition in the interrogation room is nothing like Kendrick Lamar during his “DNA” video performance. I’m not insinuating that Lanez ripped on Lamar, not at all. In the new “Freaky” music video, Tory chooses a different route than Kendrick in every capacity.

Instead of trying to convince the officers of a wonky alibi with his signature cadence, Tory resorts to bribing the officers in the precinct with all the nooks and crannies at his disposal. Watch as he lights up a stogie, then he gathers enough corruptible eye-candy for every officer in the building.

Yep, that’s Tory Lanez for you, irreverent to the point of ruffling all the feathers, even at the cost of disrupting the social order (i.e R. Kelly). “Freaky” is but the starting point to banner year Tory Lanez envisions swinging in his direction. With a devil may care attitude this delectable, there’s no telling how far Tory will take his craft in 2019. Check out the “Freaky” video right now and hit us with your thoughts.