T.I. ft Teyana Taylor – You (Be There) | VIDEO

T.I. ft Teyana Taylor – You (Be There)

T.I. has been very ambitious with the music videos for his latest album, DIME TRAP. In December, he put out the cinematic visuals for “The Amazing Mr. F**k Up”, which was later followed by a 10-minute extended cut. Tip went the short film route again for the Teyana Taylor-assisted song, “You” and the London Jae-assisted song, “Be There”. While “The Amazing Mr. F**k Up” video dove into personal relationship issues, his new offering looks outward to address the sex trafficking epidemic in his home state of Georgia.

The short film – directed by Teyana Taylor and written by Tip – is explicit about its theme from the jump, opening with a quote from Georgia Governor, Brian Kemp, about how “innocent children are simply being sold for sex.” The “Aunties Production” then transitions to T.I. and Taylor laying in bed, where the viewer gets a glimpse of flashbacks that reveal their shared childhood trauma. The rest of the video tells the story of how they deal with that trauma – by becoming a sexual assault fighting squad. Things get bloody as they start blasting off the heads of sex offenders, but things take a dark turn for the duo.

Hats off to Tip for shining light on this issue.