NEW VIDEO | Rick Ross – Turnpike Ike

Rick Ross – Turnpike Ike

Rick Ross doesn’t need an excuse to live lavish. Throughout his career, which has already spawned an impressive ten studio albums, Renzel has earned his stripes as a bonafide boss. Therefore, when he speaks on topics of wealth, luxury, materialistic excellence, and ownership, his voice rings with authority. In spite of his penchant for blockbuster-scale living, Ross decided to keep things simple for his latest visuals. “Turnpike Ike” is relatively basic in nature; for the most part, Ross opts to post up, letting his lovely assistant handle the bulk of the work. It’s an effective partnership, is it not?

Despite taking place in a single scene, “Turnpike Ike” successfully captures the essence of Ross’ persona, which is to say, the exemplary badass. Draped in leather and gold, Renzel simply exudes gravitas; it’s no wonder his Port Of Miami 2 is already garnering acclaim from fans. Check out the visuals for “Turnpike Ike” now, and add your voice below – how does this one stand up to his greater visual catalog?