Ms Banks – NOVIKOV

Ms Banks is back with her first solo single of 2020, “Novikov”.

After teasing the new single on socials for the past few days, Ms Banks has released “Novikov” in full.

The new cut follows on from her feature on CLiQ’s “Google Me” with Alika in July, and marks her first solo release of 2020.

“Novikov” is co-produced by Jasper Harris (Roddy Rich, Gunna, Ty Dolla $ign) and Cadenza (AJ Tracey, Jorja Smith, Kasien). Ms Banks says of the track, “It’s bossy, it’s raw, it’s edgy…In a new world where women know their power, let’s switch roles.”

Prior to releasing “Novikov”, Ms Banks had already racked up a long list of features in 2020, including CLIPZ’s “Again” with Ms Dynamite and Jaykae, Cadenza’s “Walk Out” with Spice, Flylo’s “Still The Best” (which includes lyrics about Novikov), and more.


Quotable Lyrics:

Been bad I ain’t gotta adjust
Boss chick hood rich they be loving us
And dem haters stay mad imma give em dust
iont give af yeah you know what’s up
You know real niggas glance when we in the dance
Your baby daddy want my number he ain’t got a chance
The way I arch that back got him in a trance
Tick’ gyal strong stance
All my bitches on top
Got cake by the pound
Talking like they’re on smoke
In the flesh not a sound
How dat waist so small and that ass so round
When we step up in da spot make a n*gga bow down
Wrist on drown
Bad and I’m brown
Gimme my crown I ain’t got no bounds
6 years deep man I built it from the ground
Ohhh they didn’t feel then well I bet they feel me nowwww

They already know we on top
And that sh*t don’t ever stop
Took a n*gga out to novikov
Then I took him home just to eat the box

Yeah I got that good food n*gga
Hella talk what can you do n*gga
He said it’s big I can make it bigger
I got that suttin’ for you after dinner
That’s a sweet kit kat
Wid da energy to match
Keep my body intact
Don’t cut me no slack
N*ggas try run game
They ain’t got no tac
But my b*tches on stuff
They gon’ make that ass clap
Baby make that ass clap
Ohhh you like it like that
Said he like my suttin and my suttin look fat
Ohh you got a foreign you can hit it in the
Boy I been in the gym iont wanna get on top
But baby you can gimme top
When you’re feeling lonely hit me up gimme the drop
Imma pull up to the spot and make it hot!

They already know we on top
And that sh*t don’t ever stop
Took a nigga out to novikov
Then I took him home just to eat the box

Eat it up f*ck me good suck my toes
Big dick energy make it grow
1st night told him get rid of dem hoes
Open up lick it up sloppy joe yeah