VIDEO | Jacquees & Birdman – Free Game

Jacquees & Birdman – Free Game

Jacquees appears to have backed off from this King of R&B statement after causing the biggest controversy in the music genre in years. Now, the honey-voiced crooner is returning to the music with a new video off his collaboration album with Birdman. Lost At Sea 2 was a nice surprise when it touched down, blessing fans with new music that was birthed from Jacquees creativity and sprinkled with some Birdman swagger. The third track on the album, entitled “Free Game,” is the latest single from the project to receive the visual treatment.

The visuals for “Free Game” don’t differ from any of the videos that the duo has released for the album. The video features more of the same: expensive cars, lavish surroundings, gorgeous women, and shots of Jacquees singing into the camera. “Free Game” is a fan favorite off Lost At Sea 2, so despite the repetitious visual themes, the track is dope.


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