VIDEO PREMIERE | Future – Never Stop

Future – Never Stop

If you haven’t given big Future his due props, what are you waiting for? The Atlanta legend has officially extended The WIZRD’s visual odyssey with another clip, this time enlisting triumphant intro “Never Stop.” Though decidedly different in vibe than the dark, melancholic blend of trap, “Never Stop” finds Future on the ascension to “trap heaven.” Now, the visuals have arrived, once again finding Future on his minimalist tip.

In the video, Future roams a hallway, watches an ailing gentleman count his money, and enjoys a ghostly serenade. It’s all in a day’s work, and a reminder that Future doesn’t need to rely on lavish production value to make an impression. While the Travis Scott-assisted “First Off” has been officially selected as the project’s next single, it would appear that Future has decided to hold it down with a fan favorite. Should you be keeping The WIZRD on rotation, where do you have “Never Stop” stacking up?


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