Doja Cat ft Tyga – Juicy | VIDEO PREMIERE

Doja Cat ft Tyga – Juicy

If you think about it, Doja Cat and Tyga are a solid partnership on a variety of levels. For one, the shared feline moniker. For two, the shared love of “the booty.” Tyga has long made a career out of penning ass-laden anthems, and today, Doja Cat has served up another one in that department. Coming equipped with a sensual and provocative visual, Doja stakes her claim as one of the game’s baddest, confidently inviting her suitors to fantasize to their heart’s content. “If you could see it from the front, wait ’til you see it from the back,” she sings, leaving the rest the imagination.

As for Tyga, he’s basically died and gone to heaven at this point. A natural fit for this updated version, Tyga rides the bubbly beat with no shortage of flexes, proving his flow remains razor-focused even whilst surrounded by distractions. So too does his namesake stalk the jungle unnoticed, T-Raww prepares for the hunt in a similar fashion. It’s unclear what sparked this collaboration, or whether we’ll be discussing it by this point next year, but Doja Cat is clearly looking to make a splash with this one.