VIDEO PREMIERE | DaBaby – Carpet Burn

DaBaby – Carpet Burn

When DaBaby got into a fight at the Louis Vuitton store, the altercation ended with the rapper’s counterpart on the ground with his pants around his knees. Baby is not one to mess with. After all that we’ve witnessed in his career history, you probably don’t want to run up on him while he’s shopping. After teasing the official video for “Carpet Burn” a few hours ago, the North Carolina artist has released it and as with most DaBaby videos, it does not disappoint.

In the last few months, DaBaby has impressed us with comical videos that also show off his passion for achieving a quality end result. In the clip for “Carpet Burn,” he plays the role of a repairman, eating chicken on the floor and getting sexual with the woman who owns the house. When her boyfriend comes back from the Louis store though, he walks in on them getting intimate and things get ugly. There’s footage of the actual altercation in the LV store, and mock scenes of Baby in his Steve Nash jersey beating the man down and pulling down his trousers.

So, what have we learned from this video? 1. Always wear a belt. 2. Don’t ever mess with DaBaby. What do you think of the new video?